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Trod the Trails of the Nomads, Yaks & Yetis

In the newly opened regions of Merak & Sakteng (Enter in the East & Journey Across to the West)

19 Days
High Treks
Anytime: Spring & Autumn (min 2ppl)

Winter Trekking to the Swan Temple Festival

Rediscover an ancient temple over a four-day cultural trek.

17 Days
Moderate Treks
Nov 26 – Dec 12, 2017

Witness The Sacred Naked Fire Dancers In The Winter

Featuring an unusual scenic nature & cultural exploration of Bhutan with an option of rafting.

12 Days
Walking Tours
Jan 4 – 15, 2017

Wonderful Winter Walking Tour

A cool, scenic, nature & cultural exploration of Bhutan, featuring the Sacred Birds of Heaven.

10 Days
Walking Tours
Nov 2016 – Mar 2017 & Nov 2017 – Mar 2018