19 Days
Easy Adventures
Feb 14 – Mar 04, 2018

Undoubtedly this is our most comprehensive and most thorough Cultural, Scenic, Educational, Nature and Wildlife exploration of the Kingdom of Thunder Dragon– Druk Yul.   It also seems that it is now the most popular program as well.  With its great success last couple of years we have  decided to operate this program twice every year:  once in the Spring and once in the Fall.  In addition to the all the attractions, affinity and attention to details from the previous tours,  the Great Journey in Spring captures the exotic, colourful and the beautiful spring blossoms of this pristine kingdom.   Additionally, in the process of your Great Journey,  you will also discover  unique festivals.   The Great Journey starts from the western ridges bordering Tibet and ends at the eastern frontiers of Arunachal Pradesh (in Eastern India) — traversing across all the beautiful mountain valleys, interesting villages, irresistible knolls,  rich National Parks  and along the national roadway between the two borders.  On this great journey, you will visit, explore, investigate, discover  and learn in depth about the recently opened region of Haa, Paro with its “Tiger’s Nest”,  Thimphu- the capital, and Punakha– the ancient capital.

You will also see  the rebuilding of the famous Wangduephodrang and visit Gangtey in the West.  While here you will you will hike to the sacred Tiger’s Nest – the most important pilgrimage site in the kingdom…. discover the Crafts market in the capital.    In central Bhutan you will discover the ancient capital of Punakha and then embark onto the glacial valley of Phobjhika to see the Sacred  Birds of Heaven (the endangered,  beautiful Black Necked Cranes)  taking shelter every winter.  On this Journey you will discover and find out about  Trongsa and Bumthang in central Bhutan;   investigate and examine Mongar, Dramitse and Trashigang in the east.  Then go to the great stupa of Chorten Kora in the eastern most district to celebrate the yearly festival at a site where once a demon was subdued.  You will embark upon a colorfully detailed,  elaborate visit and experience throughout the kingdom.  You will muse and ponder across endless mountain ranges and through eternally beautiful valleys …You will penetrate over high mountain passes and across gushing streams….. through unending  lush forests and over soothing grassland meadows of this “Lost Horizon” land.

Days will be filled with unforgettable sights, adventurous day hikes, and the awe-inspiring beauty of this Shangri-La country whose ecology is one of the most pristine in the world.   You will travel over high passes and enjoy some of the over 40 species of rhododendrons and magnolias in bloom.   You will journey across Bhutan which few westerners have seen and yet fewer still have experienced.  The climax of your journey will be to witness the spectacular Tsechus (annual events) which will take place in Chorten Kora in Trashiyangste heralding the season of Spring and seldom witnessed by outsiders. This intricate and involved tapestry of adventures woven only by Bhutan Travel will offer a richly nuanced experience of the last Himalayan kingdom – The Last Shangri La.