8 Days
Walking Tours
Annually: July 03 – 10

Be among the very few travellers to discover the Mythic Valley of the Guardian Spirits– a region that is a journey in itself and a wonderful gateway to this mythical and mystic kingdom.  Explore the high alpine valleys of Haa, a region relatively new and blessed with glittering peaks,  pristine lakes and resilient people.  Learn and mingle with the nomadic life and share the ancient cultural rhythms of Bhutan with the sanguine Haaps, as the region’s people are known.   Highlights of your special program will be to sample home-cooked (real home-cooked) delicacies favoured in the region washed down with their fiery brew that the locals love to drink.  Take a ride on a yak or a horse. Compete in a traditional game of Khuru, Archery and Soksum (Bhutan’s answer to the Javelin throw– albeit a light one).  Enjoy the folk songs and mask dances which underpin the seasonal celebration in this colourful part of the kingdom.  Be a part of the weaving and making of Yak Hair Tents from scratch….or learn about the Yak shearing and wool-making… and find out how yak milk is turned into delicious traditional meals by the local villagers.

Stay overnight at a traditionally built farmhouses and experience the true essence of a cultural exposure.  Hike and explore the Chilela Ridge with its spectacular mountain views… walk among the rhododendron forests…. The highlight could be the Nubland Cattle Show at the Alpine Festival... and finally, top off your visit with a hike to the Tiger’s Nest and visit the mountain-rimmed capital of Thimphu and the winter Capital, Punakha.  This unusual trip in the unusual kingdom will allow you a perfect opportunity to experience life in a traditional Bhutanese village and home in one of the kingdom’s smallest and the most picturesque districts.  Bhutan is one of the last remaining pristine ecosystems left on earth. The producer and director of The Living Edens said, “If there is any country on earth that qualifies as an Eden – not just in part but in its entirety – I believe it is Bhutan.”  Be among the few to experience a region and sample a lifestyle that has not changed in hundreds of years. An unique and close sensation even by Bhutanese standards.  This is summer in Bhutan, sometimes rainy, sometimes balmy and beautiful, and almost empty of tourists – but always enchanting !