14 Days
Easy Adventures
Feb 17 – Mar 2, 2017

It is almost the end of winter. But  there are still snows in the high mountains and the valleys are still refreshing, visit the kingdom at this time and be among the very few to take part in this rare annual social gathering of the Dragon Kingdom’s nomadic highlanders in the fascinating valley of Bumthang. If Bhutan is beautiful, Bumthang is extraordinarily beautiful – if not the most beautiful valley in the Kingdom. Here you will have an unforgettable opportunity to learn and experience how nomads of Bhutan’s northwestern and northeastern Himalayan frontiers  live;  gain insights into how these proud communities which form a rich part of Bhutan’s ethnic diversity have survived with their cultures intact to this day; witness the grand pageantry of the Chipdrel — a ceremonial procession reserved for royalty; see some of the toughest highlanders in the kingdom demonstrate their skills in keyshe — the traditional Bhutanese wrestling; and participate in friendly contests of archery, khuru (wooden dart throwing), soksum (a light spear or javelin) or dego (similar to horseshoe throwing). Here you will have a chance to sample some nomadic cuisine and if you are truly brave, try the fiery hot national dish of Ema Datshi – and perhaps follow it up with the local beer, the arra.

You will also have a rare chance to hike and explore remote 7th century monasteries and ancient temples… circumambulate sacred lakes… and shop for everyday items that the local people use. On this trip you will also explore the weekend market at the capital and discover Punakha the winter capital. You will have a rare chance to stay overnight at a Farmhouse and explore the high valley of Phobjika in the Black Mountains. You will see the sacred Black Necked Cranes that make their annual pilgrimage every winter to pay homage at the Nyingma monastery. Of course you will also hike up the famous Tiger’s Nest and go on a hiking outing to the recently opened region of the Haa Valley, just south of Tibet. Intense, infused, and involved, this is one interesting experience in the Dragon Kingdom with a wealth of visual, natural, and cultural participation. A visit to one of the world’s most untouched and fascinating places during a fascinating time. A rich and colorful tour through the Land of the Thunder Dragon, in a season of exceptional beauty, powerful mystery and with hardly any outsiders but you— a special trip that only Bhutan Travel could bring to you !