11 Days
Moderate Treks
Apr 7 – 17, 2017

One of the most popular of treks in the kingdom of Drukyul is The Druk Path Trekking from Paro to Thimphu  AND  one of the most– if not the most– important and popular annual Festival  is The Paro Tsechu.   Bhutan Travel’s  new program The Druk Path trekking with Paro Festival combines these two important and popular events together.

An unique opportunity to not only experience the colourful festivities during the Paro Festival (which the Bhutanese believe that by just being present to witness the festivities helps you cleanse your sins), but then also to experience and participate in fulfilling the desire to conquer yourself as you walk for 6 days on the traditional trail from Paro to Thimphu.  Your Dragon’s path trail crosses a chain of mountains that separate the valleys of Paro and the capital, Thimphu.   This beautiful trekking route passes through sparsely inhabited regions with wonderful views of mountain lakes and crystal clear streams– both teeming with fish.  In the spring, you may encounter one of the most wonderful and spectacular scenes when many several species of the Rhododendrons will be in bloom in the lower elevations… You will also encounter crisp clear views of the great Bhutanese Himalayas including the Sacred Chomolhari.

While the trek is short, you will reach moderately high altitudes in a short span and thus offering you an opportunity of experiencing alpine pastureland and the great views of the high mountains in a short period of time…. Considered a moderate trekking,  this trek can usually be accomplished by anyone who is fit and in good health and offers one of the best opportunities to encounter the beauty of rural Bhutan,  its rich culture,  and its  stunning Himalayan vistas in a short period of time.  Combine that with the annual Paro festivities and our  Druk (Dragon) Path special program is designed so that it allows you to interact with the local people and their culture and with their landscapes without going out on a more longer and strenuous trekking programs.

It is designed to maximize exposure to the countryside and provide views of the most spectacular mountain scenery and at a time when one of the most important festival of this fairy tale kingdom takes place.  Our Bhutan Travel’s very special trekking program during the Paro Festival will offer you a rare opportunity to combine your urge of seeing one of the most colourful festivities of the kingdom and then leave the crowds below and travel up into the pristine mountains for contemplating one of the least visited regions of a least visited regions of the world….Come and join us for this eventful experience…