10 Days
Easy Adventures
Every Monday: Sep-Nov 2022 / Feb-May & Sep-Dec, 2023

An “Oldie” but definitely a “Goldie”– Our Journey to Bhutan tour was the first tour promoted by Bhutan Travel for the Organization of the National Tourism Promotion and dates back to the 1980s.  It was our Classic tour with a guaranteed departure every MondayBhutan Travel today continues to promote, persuade  and deliver this scenic, nature and cultural exploration of the kingdom every Monday with a guaranteed departure with a minimum of two persons.   This old tradition has been kept alive with the changing times and we at Bhutan Travel have slightly revised and improved upon the original program and thus allowing us to showcase the glory of the Spring season during the months of March through May and to flash the Fall fruits during the months of September through November.

Here our two tours– one in the Spring and the other in the Fall– which take you to the most iconic places of this fairy-tale kingdom in only ten days— an old classic tradition with a great value.  The Spring tour highlights some of the over 40 species of Rhododendrons in bloom…. from blood reds to blushing pink.  Magnolias…. giants of them are in bloom.  And so are the exotic orchids… ferns and pretty much everything else.  The program has been designed for people who enjoy being outdoors with the birds and the bees.  In the Fall the Kingdom has renewed itself… it is replenished…life is renewed.  Forests are lush and green… The undergrowth is rich with renewed life….the rivers are well nourished and the sun is golden and warm.   Visit the kingdom in the glorious days of autumn – this is Shangri La in its most awe-inspiring and beautiful season.  On both the season, you will experience the kingdom on short day hikes… visit places which can’t be reached by motor roads…. and hiking the trails–  Mingle with the locals in their weekend market in Thimphu, the capital and haggle over a Yak’s tail duster… go  on a pilgrimage –like all the locals– up to the Tiger’s Nest– the most revered of all temples in the kingdom…. Explore the beautiful Paro valley...  You will cross the spectacular Dochu La pass into the balmy Punakha valley- the ancient capial.. and then yet cross even an higher pass into the Black Mountains and into central Bhutan– Gangtey.  You will also visit the cultural capital of the kingdom in the Bumthang Valley.

Throughout, you will explore the beautiful and historic valleys filled with ancient treasures of art, history and legend.  Explore dzongs and roam through the deep forested mountains and peaceful valleys of rural Bhutan when everything is refreshed, invigorated and new…. Hike up to remote farms and villages, botanical gardens and nature preserves… and temples in the Phobjika Valley…. Intensive explorations, sightseeing, day hikes, and a wealth of visual, nature and cultural experiences create an exhilarating visit to one of the world’s most untouched and fascinating places during two fascinating seasons.  A rich and colorful Journey to Bhutan through the seasons of exceptional beauty and powerful mystery !