12 Days
Easy Adventures
Mar 16 – 27, 2024 & Mar 21 – Apr 01, 2024

One of the greatest of Bhutan’s glorious Himalayan Buddhist dance festivals.  As spring warms the mountains, the dancers in magnificent masks and brilliant silk costumes take on the aspects of peaceful and wrathful deities as they illustrate and re-enact age old Buddhist teachings and legends.  Spring is a beautiful time in Paro, with flowers and blooming trees scenting the air of the peaceful mountain valleys, serene and lovely beneath the snow-covered peaks high above.   Attend one of the kingdom’s most famous (and important) festivals.  Witness the once-a-year display of the great giant scroll known as the Thongdrel on the final day of the festival, which is said to confer great blessings upon the onlookers and is supposed to liberate all those who are lucky just to witness it !   Then set out to explore more of Bhutan heading for the mountain valleys of Thimphu, Punakha, Wangdue and then some of the even more remote places such as  Trongsa,  Bumthang on the eastern side  and Gangtey in the high  Phobjhika Valley in central Bhutan.   Make a pilgrimage hike to the Tiger’s Nest, visit Thimphu’s weekend market, and see all the enchanting sites which have made Bhutan a symbol of peace, beauty, serenity, tradition and hope


Since Paro Festival time is such a popular period and as such to allow for our wider travellers, we have decided to run TWO tours.  You will visit, see and do exactly the same thing and the only difference being:
  • Tour #1 you will do the Festival at the end
  • Tour #2 you will do the Festival in the beginning