12 Days
Walking Tours
April 12 – April 24, 2018

Bhutan is a small kingdom wedged between the two most populated countries of China and India. The limit to visitors is restricted with a government regulated tour and tariff system. This policy ensures protection of its natural habitats and also that every Bhutanese benefit from the income generated by tourism.  Ecologically, Bhutan is a hot spot in the Himalayas.  And 65-70% of the land is decreed to be kept under forest cover. Clean air,  pristine countryside,  exotic flora and fauna,  unique architecture,  smiling people and preserved social and cultural heritage make this kingdom an exotic and a singular destination.  Geographically, Bhutan is an interesting place with the sub-tropics in the south (150m above sea level); to temperate vegetation (2000-3000m) and then to Alpine vegetation (above 3000m). This variation gives many species of fauna and flora to thrive in many different zones. Since hunting is prohibited, the fauna is also  well protected.

If you love nature then this is the perfect time to be in the kingdom.  On this trip you will hike down the Rhododendron Trail in the Lampelhi Park and enjoy the colourful beauty of the wild rhododendrons that grow  in abundance.    Out of the kingdom’s almost 50 species of Rhododendrons, about 30 species are grown in this Lampelri Botanical Park.  The three day festival here also promotes Eco-tourism, enhances communities livelihood and creates a platform for the education on environment conservation through sustainable dependence on park resources. The local communities also perform cultural activities such as songs, dances followed by several other cultural programmes by students integrating themes on the  importance of environment conservation.

Our NEW two week program is designed to coincide with this Etho-Metho (Rhododendron) Festival.  Many of these will be in bloom during this period …. some of them causing the entire hillside to be pink and red….  Or white….  This trip will offer you a chance to see some of the over fifty species of rhododendrons and its blooms,  several species of magnolias and many varieties of alpine flowers.   Your program will include soft walks over some of Bhutan’s high passes of Cheli la, Dochhu la, Peli la, Yotung la and Trumshing la to see the different species of flowers in different altitude range…from 1000 meters to 4000 meters altitude where you will see the dramatic changes in the vegetation and the what life it supports… The difference of over 3000 meters is quite dramatic… The journey goes through the farming valley of Paro to the high passes of Dochu la (3050m), Peli la (pass, 3,300m) and the Chelela Pass that is close  to 4000 meters.   On this very special Spring trip you will explore nature on short walks… enjoy its wealth of flowers and plants from the trails  and enjoy the kingdom’s very  rich and ancient cultural heritage— an unique opportunity of hiking,  exploring and enjoying the richness of the kingdom in the colourful period of Spring….