12 Days
High Treks
Mar – May, Sep 15 – Dec 15, 2018

One of the famous treks in the kingdom, this trekking tour adventure starts in Paro Valley and ends at the colourful capital, Thimphu.  Our  beautiful Chomolhari trek goes to the base of the great  snow peak called “Sacred Mountain of the Goddess” which dominates the Paro valley. Taking off from the ruins of the Drugyel Dzong, the trek takes you through one of the most interesting and varied terrains of the kingdom and through the heart of wildlife rich Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Park– the largest national park in the country.  This wilderness trek offers a great variety of landscapes and conditions.  Our  trail along the 8-day trek climbs up from rice terraces, wildflower meadows and deep primeval forests before  emerging above treeline into a world of glaciers and perpetually snowcapped peaks….. it will take you from remote farmlands and sweet-smelling pine forests to alpine pastureland and breathtaking mountain views.  You will hike along the winding trails below the majestic giants which form the Inner Himalaya along the Bhutan/Tibet border, crossing several mighty passes, the haunt of rare animals such as the blue sheep, takin and the legendary snow-leopard,  exotic birds and flowers like the blue poppy.  Once above timberline, walk below the great peaks along sky-high hilltops, green and misted with rainbows, jewel-like mountain lakes, and a botanical garden of wildflowers.

In spring and  autumn, yak herders will be moving their shaggy flocks between the high summer meadows and the lower pastures where they stay in cold weather;  you may spot their black yak-hair tents here and there along the way, and be invited in for tea!  Your trail will pass through turquoise glacial lakes, crystal clear streams and, in late spring, rolling meadows filled with wild flowers.   While trekking you will encounter yak herders, forests of rhododendrons, sky-piercing peaks and thunderous waterfalls and  some exotic wildlife….The trek is a challenging wilderness adventure along a spectacularly beautiful route where you will witness the hidden beauty of Bhutan’s mountains.  You will spend the first two days in Paro not only to discover and explore this beautiful valley, but also for acclimatization–specially with a day hike to the famous Tiger’s Nest– the iconic destination in Bhutan.  After the trek you spend a full day at the mountain girdled capital of Thimphu before flying out from Paro.  Our Chomolhari trekking tour is perfect if you are looking to spend few days immersed in the real wild high countryside,  wilderness beauty and the mighty Himalayas in a kingdom with low impact and an absolutely –sometimes challenging– wonderful experience and with a side visit to the beautiful valleys of Paro and Thimphu.