20 Days (incl. 14 days trekking)
High Treks
Anytime: Spring & Autumn (min 2ppl)

Trekking is an wondrous experience anywhere, but in the Kingdom of Bhutan  it is unequalled, unparalleled and incomparable.  It is still very likely that you will find no other trekkers on your trail. It is a phenomenal and an exhilarating way to see the kingdom: experience its lush terrain and pristine forests, meet with yak herders and spot its unique wildlife such as takins and golden langurs, cross its awesome passes and gaze at its stunning mountains whose residents are the beautiful Snow Leopards.  This superb trek climbs to the base of Chomolhari  whose sacred white summit dominates the Bhutan / Tibet border north of Paro; then continues northeast into Lingshi’s great green foothills, often filled with rainbows, below towering peaks of rock and ice.  The trail continues to the remote, sky-high village of Laya, accessible only on foot.  The route is extraordinarily beautiful, with an ever-changing panorama of stunning Himalayan vistas.  The expedition deep into the mountains wilderness is enriched by the opportunity to see the culture of high, isolated settlement where outside influences have so far had little impact.  Here women wear bamboo hats embellished with corals and turquoises, houses are colourfully decorated on the outside, and “ghost-catchers” protect the inhabitants inside.   From Laya the route descends past ethereal Gasa Dzong, high on the mountaintop, ending your expedition in the warm luxury of the Gasa Hot Springs. 

On our high altitude extended trek you are not only away from all forms of modernity, you are in true wilderness – there are no planes overhead and villages are quite rare.  There are no roads and even fewer trails. You are in pure, pristine, wilderness. This is nature in its purest form!  The walks are long and arduous but crystal air, lonely paths and views that defy descriptions compliment them.  The trails lead you through alpine meadows and rhododendron forests around the foothills of the snow peaked Himalayas, emerald green valleys and crystal clear lakes.  Awesome passes crossed can be as high as 15,000-18,000 feet.  Trekking in the late April and May offer extra benefits of hundreds of species of exotic flowers in bloom.  Our Bhutan Travel’s trail  offers a great variety of trekking conditions, from picturesque farmland and forests to alpine pastureland and high passes.  Spectacular campsites, beneath some of Bhutan’s most impressive peaks, of which the most notable are Chomolhari and Jichu Drake, are also features of this trekking route. Numerous isolated Dzongs and scattered and nomadic settlements, including the extraordinary village of Laya, provide a great deal of cultural interest en route.

Bhutan Travel’s trekking program combines its hiking with some of the “must sees” cultural places  such as the iconic Tiger’s Nest and the formidable Punakha Dzong– the ancient capital…. the interesting crafts market at Thimphu the capital and the recently opened region of the Haa Valley.

While no technical climbing skills are required, trekkers must be in exceptionally good physical condition, and should enjoy strenuous hiking and camping overnights for extended periods. However, the rewards are great: from the most beautiful and remote parts of the kingdom’s spectacular mountain scenery to a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna.  It is  perfect if you are looking to spend more than just a few days immersed in the real  wild, high,  countryside amidst wilderness beauty and the mighty Himalayas in a kingdom with low impact and an absolutely –sometimes challenging– wonderful experience with side visits to the beautiful valleys of Paro, Haa, Punakha and Thimphu.