12 Days
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Bhutan Travel is elated that the gorgeous Six Senses Hotel and Spa Resort Group have finished building their 5 (yes five) unique, unparalleled and intimate properties for an ultimate luxurious experience in the ultimate destination in the world – Bhutan.

These Six Senses in the five exotic valleys of Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Bumthang and Phobjhika  will allow you to encounter the ultimate luxurious experience in each of these valleys.  With a total of just 82 guest suites distributed between five intimate lodges and built in a style sympathetic to their rural Himalayan surroundings, Bhutan Travel has created a Six Senses sojourn into these five valleys.

We will design your 12 days in the Kingdom of Thunder Dragon whichever way it makes sense to you visiting  and exploring these enchanting five valleys.  Your exploration will take you from the beautiful Valley of Paro, site of the small National Museum and home to the famed Tiger’s Nest, to the Thimphu Valley where the capital is located with its massive Tashi cho Dzong– the great administrative heart of the kingdom.  Then onto the ancient capital of Punakha valley with its beautiful Dzong astride two mountain rivers.  Your exploration will then take you to far flung adventures over the Black Mountains into the vast glacial valley of Phobjhika— home of the endangered Black Necked Cranes and then on to the Central regions of the Kingdom and into the Bumthang valley, perhaps the most historic of all valleys and the birth place of Bhutanese culture and its royalty.

The early explorers and envoys of the British governments who dared to venture into these fabled valleys called it Bhootan, land of the Bhooteas.  Their reports rang with strange and marvelous names rendered in imaginative phonetic spellings.  Their tales were highlighted with rulers dressed in silken robes living in lofty castles clinging to the sides of mountains: Tales  of a thousand rivers plunging through mountain passes and racing across the valleys.  Of ingenious bridges made of wood and iron chains straddling these rivers and of roads, not so much as roads (then) as trails, winding around rock face and through dense forests.  Of giant rhododendrons, wild orchids, exotic birds, unusual animals and above all, they marveled at the inaccessibility of the place.

Your travels will  retrace parts of this same journey –  in the comforts of a luxury SUV. Through awesome and fabulous hairpin turns and lush forests to the villages and valleys of the Inner Himalayas; over 10,000 feet high passes, along beautiful mountain rivers, across majestic mountain ridges. Your journey will vary in scope and range and will depend upon how slow or how active you would like your pace to be.  No matter how you plan and explore, you will explore historic dzongs and roam through historic villages; pilgrimage hike to Tiger’s Nest, praying at a 7th century temple of Kyichu Lhakhang; hike Chi Le la ridge overlooking Tibet, shop around in village markets, and visit a local farmhouse for some tea and snacks. A rich and colorful journey through the Land of the Thunder Dragon with hardly any compromise to luxury or comfort.

courtesy of sixsenses.com