When was Bhutan Travel founded?

In 1980 our founder, Marie Brown, was appointed Regional Manager of the Bhutan Travel Service (NY) the first and only Tourist Office outside of Bhutan approved by the Royal Kingdom‘s Organization of National Tourism Promotion to exclusively operate and handle all U.S.-booked inbound tours to the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Is it safe to travel to Bhutan?

Yes! The Kingdom of Bhutan has nearly 100% universal vaccination, very few COVID-related deaths, and one of the world’s best response plans for mitigating Coronavirus spread. See our COVID Travel Updates page for the latest information.

Can I plan my own custom tour to Bhutan?

Of course! We would be happy to help you plan a personalization adventure to Bhutan. Many of our Bhutan Travellers choose to plan their trips around one of more of the Festivals.

Why is Bhutan the #1 country to visit?

Lonelyplanet described Bhutan as the #1 destination to visit. In our world of rampant consumer tourism, Bhutan adheres to a strong policy of “High Value, Low Impact” tourism — helping to maintain the pristine Kingdom for the enjoyment of countless future generations. Bhutan pioneered the notion of Gross National Happiness (over GDP) and you will live and breathe this philosophy throughout your visit as you interact with the local citizens. Read more about Why Bhutan.

I'm not comfortable with camping, can I still do a trek?

Absolutely. We offer trekking options for Bhutan Travellers with all ranges of hiking skills and comfort level. We have recently added our special Bhutan Travel Glamping option for most treks — allowing you to enjoy the rugged experiences of remote and beautiful Bhutan with the overnight comfort of a luxury tent, toilet tent facilities, and a chef-prepared meal.